Friday, January 17, 2014

course contents of the Embedded system on potentiallabs

Course Contents


*      Introduction to Embedded Systems
*      Introduction to ATMega328 on Arduino Board
*      Kit Contents Overview
*      Arduino IDE & Driver Installation
*      Arduino Board Overview
*      Program Structure Overview
*      Working with Digital Outputs
*      Working with Analog Outputs

 Digital I/O's

*      Introduction to Digital Inputs  and Outputs
*      Working with LEDs and Switches
*      Building a Simple Switch Controlled Binary Counter
*      Working with Serial Communication
*      Controlling the Binary Counter through a Serial Interface

Analog I/O's

*      Working with Analog Inputs – LDR [Light Sensor]
--Building A Simple LDR based Lighting Level Controller
*      Working with Analog Inputs – LM35 [Temperature Sensor]
--Building A Simple LM-35 based Room temperature displaying on Serial Monitor
*      Working with Analog Outputs – PWM techniques
--controlling the motors

Advanced I/O Operations & Displays 

*        Working with Liquid Crystal Displays(LCDs)
*      Advanced I/O Operations - Driving a 7-Segment Display
*      Displaying Temperature using two 7-Segment Display
*      Dot matrix Display

IR Communication

*      Distance Sensing and Working with Ultrasonic Sensor
*      Introduction to Communication Protocols - IR Remotes
*      Controlling LEDs with a TV remote
*      Building a IR Based Communication System
-- Building a simple IR based counting machine

I2C Communication

*      Introduction to I2C Communication
*      Working with I2C Communication - RTC - DS1307
*      Build a Simple LCD Clock
*      Build a Simple Timer Controlled Lighting System

Interrupts & Motor Control

*      Working with Interrupts
*      Working with Motor Drivers – H-bridges
*      Working with DC Motors
*      Working with Stepper Motors
*      Working with Servo Motors
*      Building a Remote Control Based Motor Speed Controller

Advanced Serial Communication Devices

*       Basic Power Regulation Circuitry
*      Breadboard Construction of Micro-controller Circuitry
*      ]Interfacing RFID - Reading Tags and comparing
*      Zigbee - Bidirectional Wireless Communication

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