Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LiquidCrystal display to arduino board

how to connect the LCD to the arduino board ?
simply connect  the below shown like the image....
this is the lcd connected in the 4-bit mode

Using the EM-18 RFID Module with Arduino

this is the em-18 rfid module...here the how the pins are connected i shown here

how to connect this module to arduino board ....
1.simply vcc pin of the em-18 module is connected to the 5v of the arduino board because it will take the 5v supply...
2.gnd of the em-18 module is connected to the arduino module ground

3. tx pin of the em-18 module is connected to the arduino pin 2(by the NewSoftSerial library...)


Now a day arduino is very famous for doing the research from the home....
Here i also done the some projects related to arduino board(clone)....

This is the boards of the induino and its pin discription where  the exactly pins are connected.
for more details of this board she this web site www.potentiallabs.com

 the controller used in this board is the ATMEGA328....

how to start the programming on the induino board(clone of the arduino)?

First download the arduino ide...then open the new file...
//simple program to blink the led light...

int led1=13;//the led 1 is connected to the pin 13 of the atmega 328 so
void setup()
//here we are externally defining that the pin 13 is output port


void loop()
digitalWrite(led1,HIGH);//this is the cmd gives the led on state
digitalWrite(led1,LOW);//this is the cmd gives the led off state

MM32f103 led blink program

To work on mind motion MM32 microcontroller we need to install the keil uvision 5 version then install the mm32-link programmer go to li...