Sunday, December 8, 2013

Human follower Robot/war field robot

this is the robot mainly follow the object.simply it will detect the movement based object and follows with it.
when object comes near to the robot it will goes back and when object is going far from the robot it will follows.if it detect object certain time then it detect that has a not it takes the right or lift turn depending on the object.

What is the main USE:
1.when we are doing a war then that time we need our weapons to reload .after some time all goods are completed then.....these robot is connected with the back side box which contains our all weapons.
2. eating the food in the war time is not easy these robot will bring the food item with in that when we required then that time it can used
3.medications we will get  in the middle of the war...this robot will do that...
or the desert places food and water we will not get at the all need to carry...or our animals should carry them.but these robot will bring the water with folllowing us..when we required we can use that.

Required components:
1.Arduino dev board
2.motor driver ic(293d)
3.robot base
4.ultrasonic sensor
5.dc motor(2)

softwares required arduino IDE

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functions in python

def test():     print("good morning") test() output: good morning